App Showcase: Peak Vision

Applications are constantly being developed to provide greater and greater medical services to those living in less developed countries. Peak Vision is one of these apps.

“80% of blindness is avoidable. Existing eye care tools are expensive, difficult to use and access. People don’t get treated quickly enough, or at all.” This is the problem identified by the creators of Peak Vision. Their solution is a combination of a sensor and application which works on any one of the 1.91 billion smartphones in the world.

The application is able to take high quality images of the retina, something which conventionally needs an expensive machine to do. This image is then sent off site to a doctor, possibly in another country, for diagnosis. Part of the application also allows letter eye tests to take place. As someone who has glasses and have experienced many eye checks, I can definitely see this replacing current equipment. However, the low cost and portability of the device makes it perfect for use in third world countries where access to traditional opticians’ machines do not exist. Thus enabling so many more to maintain or improve their vision.

Find out more at Peak Vision’s website: