The Rise, The Fall, The Rise Again

Apple. That one word epitomises the golden age of technology. It is the one company that every tech business wants to become, one company that everyone wants to work for, one company that has been at the forefront of the field. But how did they get there?

Although the majority of us are probably avid users of Apple devices, many of us probably aren’t familiar with the history of the company. Even fewer have found pauses in our busy lifestyles to read any books on Apple and Steve Jobs, despite the variety and availability. However, since you are reading this now, you must have found a moment of time to learn the turning points in the company’s history. Let’s begin.

Minecraft in Education

Minecraft has come along way since its inception in 2009. Many of us know it as the block-by-block sandbox game where users can create anything they want. But up to now we only have seen it in a recreational way. Announced in July, Minecraft has now ventured out into he world of education.

“Minecraft in education is a way to teach, learn and inspire. It’s students visiting ancient civilizations to create and play out their own stories. It’s exploring mathematical concepts like perimeter, area, and volume by breaking and placing Minecraft blocks. It’s practising collaboration, problem solving, digital citizenship, and leadership skills through creative thinking and innovative design. Minecraft in education is teachers and students inspiring each other to change the way we learn.”



AI: Good Or Evil

‘The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race’, this was the warning given to the media by Stephen Hawking last December.

Conscious machines turning on their creators has featured in numerous works of science fiction, from Terminator, to the Matrix, to HAL 9000. The idea that machines will one day destroy, enslave or assimilate us is the first thing that most people think of when they hear the words ’Artificial Intelligence’ or ‘AI’. Many people envision the dark future known to most as the ‘singularity’ – the point in which AI surpasses humans in general intelligence. This idea along with numerous ‘warnings’ from influential scientists such as Hawking has led to mass hysteria around the development of AI. With many now calling for it to end.

App Showcase: Peak Vision

Applications are constantly being developed to provide greater and greater medical services to those living in less developed countries. Peak Vision is one of these apps.