Hello There!

You may be asking who am I? Well… I’m directing the question right back at you. Who are you? Maybe a friend of mine, or a teacher or even a future employer, but you are more likely to be a stranger. A stranger sitting by a computer or on your sofa with a tablet or even on your mobile phone whilst waiting for a bus. I don’t know. In fact we are both people who may never have met in real life due to many different circumstances. Our geographical location is a major one. While I’m here on a computer typing this, you could be a person who is walking through the proverbial Sahara (do they have signal there? Maybe). But despite the possible (physical) distance between us, we can still interact. All thanks to the beautiful invention of the Internet. With this in mind I hope that we get to know each other soon enough.

No matter who you are I want to welcome you to my website! Let’s get over the formalities. I’ll start first; my name is Alvin Lee. I’m a student who is about to enter 6th Form and to start my A Levels. In the future I hope to study Computer Science at university. I therefore have a strong appreciation for both visual design and technology.

In the 21st century world that we live in, we can’t live without either of them. Visual design is important to relay information/messages in an appealing way whilst adding colour to the world around us. On this website I will be posting designs that I have been inspired to create as well as other little titbits of design. I also dabble in photography and will showcase particularly interesting photos that I have collected on my travels.

Technology is fundamental to all of our lives. Seeing that most of us can’t spend a day without our phones, the future of tech is equally important and interesting. The world is continually advancing at such a chaotic pace, yet continually helps mankind to develop. There are so many projects out there all striving to achieve important goals. On here, I will be showcasing a few projects and giving my thoughts on certain controversial pieces of news.

That brings me to the end of my first introductory post. The first of many more to come and I hope to see this website grow. Just as my school motto describes, “a minimis incipe,” from smallest beginnings.