Wild Book Cover

‘Wild: From Lost To Found’. This is the book that I have focused on during my Graphic Design GCSE final project. For it, I have redesigned the book cover and have created a variety of promotional items for the book

The book cover design is the central piece which all of the other item’s design is based on. Through a variety of different ideas and refinement of various design paths, I have created the final design. This design communicates all of my original intentions stated in my statement of intent. Cheryl’s unique journey can be seen through the mountain design on the book cover. The Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) is known for its mountain ranges, it is even represented on the PCT logo. Mountains are also associated with the wilderness and camping. This is why I have chosen to make the mountains one of my main symbol/motif, which is featured in most of my pieces. I have illustrated her vivid descriptions of the High Sierras, which is one of the mountain ranges that she walks on during her hike on the PCT. The mountain illustration has been inspired by contour lines on OS maps that I have encountered in my Geography lessons and Duke of Edinburgh. These lines represent the relief of the area and are mainly associated with mountains/hills. The Treasure Island book cover by David Pearson also inspired me. He created waves through the arrangement of simple lines. I have done the same to create the contours of the mountain. However, I have added atmospheric perspective to my piece in response to my research on Claude Lorrain. I have done this by making certain lines thinner and lighter the further back into the background they are. I wanted to emphasise her apartness from society by only including mountains and trees with no visible human features. The mountain range can also be seen in the barcode shape on the back of the book. This barcode is featured on some of my other products.

The large ‘WILD FROM LOST TO FOUND’ logo is the main symbol for the brand. I was inspired by various pieces of typography art where text is overlaid on a background. The logo is busy without being too overly complicated. Each word is individual yet joins together to form a whole entity, encased by a box. Just like Cheryl’s mind that is cluttered with different ideas/emotions, which are individual and unique yet, are encased in herself and her journey. I originally designed this log on the computer, but I found this to be too perfect with exact straight lines etc. I therefore redrew it by hand to show that Cheryl herself is not perfect but she learns to accept her faults through her personal journey of self-discovery. The grunge effect on the cover (and other products) also shows her faults, but these imperfections makes her character (and my designs) more interesting/relatable. This logo is the embodiment of the book and Cheryl herself. I have used this extensively to represent the book and it is featured in all of the products to help unify the brand.